PeruMotors Motorcycle Rentals

Prices of available brands and models:

All of our rental motorcycles include:

  • SOAT – Basic insurance (limited coverage of only (!) personal injury to the rider, passenger and third parties!)
  • Unlimited mileage
  • Tool and tire set
  • Helmet (used)
  • Waterproof bag

Rental period:

  • Minimum rental period is 3 days.
  • A rental day is a calendar day!

Optional Damage Reduction Insurance (in short):

  • US$ 20.00 per day per motorcycle ( with a minimum of US$ 100.00 per rental )
All our motorcycles are standard NOT INSURED for damage to the rental motorcycle AND for property damage to third parties. The Damage Reduction Insurance covers only damage to the rental motorcycle, with an excess/deductible of max. US$ 700.00, which is also the amount of the “Security Deposit” (cash or major credit card).
Without this insurance, all damage to the rental motorcycle is the responsibility of the renter. This can be more than the deposit of US$ 2,500.00!

It is NOT possible to (re)insure property damage to third parties (third party liability)!

Read the full text of the insurance policy here.

Safety Deposit:

  • With our ‘Damage Reduction Insurance: US$ 700.00
  • Without our ‘Damage Reduction Insurance: US$ 2,500.00

The safety deposit can be paid in cash or with a Visa, Diners Club or AmEx credit card.
If you surrender the motorcycle undamaged, we will return the safety deposit directly to you. In case of damage, this will be settled with the safety deposit.


  • Garmin GPS (with Peruvian map): US$ 10.00 per day
  • Set of panniers / side cases (2): US$ 15.00 per day
  • Top case: US$ 10.00 per day
  • Soft cases: US$ 10.00 per day


  • You must have and show a valid motorcycle license in your country of residence for the class of motorcycle you are renting.
  • You can NOT leave Peru with our rental motorcycles.
  • Additional cost for returning the motorcycle without full tank: US$ 50.00.