PeruMotors SRL began in 2004 as a small-scale motorcycle tour company by and for motorbike enthusiasts. Today, PeruMotors is one of the leading motorcycle tour operators in South America. And Peru’s largest BMW motorbike rental company.
In 2010, PeruMotors became an ‘Official partner of BMW Motorrad.’

In 2005 we’ve added the same services with 4×4 cars, under the name of “Peru Self Drive”. Our services have been evolved in complete (luxury) packages, with rental car, hotel reservations, excursions, optional private driver/guide, etc., etc.
As one of the leading automotive tour companies in South America, we are specialized in solid ‘Self Drive 4×4’ packages and exciting motorcycle tours.

The owners/founders are still  running the day to day operations in our hometown Arequipa, in southern Peru.

  • (Self-) Guided 4×4 Tours
  • TailorMade 4×4 Tours
  • Worldwide Guided Motorcycle Tours
  • Self-Guided Motorcycle Tours in Peru
  • Motorcycle Rentals in Peru
    … and any possible combination of these services.


 We are specialized in (self-) guided motorcycle tours, (self-) guided 4×4 tours and motorcycle rentals.



Besides our own activities, we provide our services to a number of specialized motorcycle tour operators from all over the world: USA, Canada, the Netherlands, Austria, Brazil, Australia and New Zealand.Most of our tours visit Peru and Bolivia, some also Argentina and Chile. And sometimes we go to the USA, Canada, Mexico and Europe for a very special tour.

The 2 founders (Lars Caldenhoven & Geert Boeder) are still the professional Dutch managers of PeruMotors.

Headquarters in Arequipa, southern Peru.
In 2019, PeruMotors had more than 350 motorcycle and 4×4 tourists as guests.

Contrary to what our name suggests, today we take you on guided motorcycle tours in:

  • Peru
  • Bolivia
  • Chile
  • Argentina
  • Ecuador
  • USA
  • Canada
  • Mexico
  • Europe
  • New Zealand

Founders of PeruMotors

Geert Boeder & Lars Caldenhoven


  • 2 Professional (motorbike) guides
  • 2 Full-time motorbike mechanics
  • 1 Bookkeeper
  • 2 Freelance guides, and
  • 2 Freelance

Most of PeruMotors’ motorbike guides are fluent in Spanish, English, Dutch and (very) basic German.

PeruMotors Crew

Eduardo (top photo right)
Works as a tour guide on motorbikes and as a driver/mechanic on tours)

Carlos (first from left)
Our chief mechanic

Mauricio (third from right)

Marisa (third from left)

Edi (second from right)
Edi has been our well-known freelance mechanic/driver on tours for many years.